Decostudio constructs around forty projects a year, dotted all over the national and international scene, placing the value of the experience and a close working relationship with customers at the fore.


Our comprehensive, highly qualified and multi-disciplinary team undertakes interventions in numerous sectors, whether private, public or corporate entities. To trust in us is to champion a unique result, characterised by functionality in the subsequent construction execution.


When the corporate identity and the key essence of the business are essential components of the space, it becomes crucial to count on a partner that knows how to offer a result that meets expectations. Decostudio knows how to fuse aesthetics with technique, and how to create a space that leaves a lasting impression, exuding its very own personality aligned with the brand, easily replicable in any corporate headquarters whilst remaining unique in shape and form.


Design and construction all rolled into one, minimising costs and maximising results. The experience of interior design, excellent construction and an integral solution to furnishings, accessories and equipment that make up the space.


Our 49 years spent constructing, reforming and restoring interior spaces in offices, leisure facilities, hotels, community buildings, private housing, restaurants… have given us a cross-sectoral experience that sets Decostudio apart from other constructors. Construction where the small details make major differences, and where the finish, the quality, the time frame and the price are the cornerstones of excellent work.