Decostudio employees have constructed almost 3,000 projects, including facilities, businesses and company interior designs, to the utmost satisfaction of its clients.


iconodecostudiocolorThe “Decostudio brand” is recognisable because thousands of people experience it every day when they step inside hotels, commercial establishments or catering spaces created by the company, or when they go to work each day or rest at home.


The innovative vision and efforts of J.J. Muro laid down the cornerstones of a cutting edge company

The “dreams factory” created in 1968 by Félix Azagra and Juan José Muro was able to cover a need that no one else covered, becoming a key player in interior design. Juan José Muro, who died in 1999, was an incredibly hard worker who combined his entrepreneurial vision with his talent in decoration to create Decostudio and to establish the foundations of what the company is today. His values and experience in German and Spanish companies came into play when he forged a stable organisation and added value, which enabled him to give clients an unprecedented offer.


Still upholding its essence, Decostudio has continued to evolve to keep its place as a frontrunner

The second generation of the Muro family has taken the helm from the founder and upholds his values: utmost respect for clients, a vocation to continuously improve techniques, processes, designs and materials, and an attitude that entails professionalism, care and honesty in each job taken on, accepting all projects as a challenge, regardless of their size or budget. It is the only way to drive forward and to continue to be a leading player in interior design and construction projects.


Keeping the passion alive and expanding to offer construction projects around the world

Decostudio’s ambition to improve resides in its search for solutions for clients wherever they are. The company orientates its activity towards sustainable growth on all fronts with the ultimate aim of being able to offer the construction of a project anywhere in the world at a competitive price. Robert Kennedy wrote that “the future is not a gift, it is an achievement” and Decostudio strives each day to win over its clients with unique solutions.